Demystifying the Nordic Utopia – Why is this necessary? We are four students who met each other during our Bachelor program at Malmö University in Sweden. Three of us came from outside of the Nordic Countries and we quickly had to realize that the romantic picture of Sweden which we grew up with was not necessarily reality. Together with our fourth friend from Finland, we want to talk about our impressions and combine it with current research. We touch upon questions like if the Nordic Countries are really as sustainable as everyone thinks; if the Nordic Wellfare state model is a role model for the rest of the world and was Sweden really always as neutral in the international political arena?

Who We are


Hi, I am Roosa! In 2017, I moved to Malmö from Helsinki to study Human Rights. During my studies, I was particulary intersted in International Human Rights Law and issues relating to gender equality. Hence, my motivation to do this podcast. In my freetime, I enjoy horseback riding, baking and hanging out with my friends.

I just finished my gap year where I worked at the Finnish National Youth Council Allianssi. This autumn I will start my Master’s program in Public Policy.


Hi, I’m Jaya! I met the others in 2017 when I moved to Malmö from Glasgow to study International Relations. Throughout my studies, I realised the importance of moving away from a traditional military security approach to problems and became interested in different aspects of human security. Environmental and sustainability issues have had and continue to have major impacts on human security worldwide. I’m excited to discuss this further on The Social Balcony.

Currently, I am interning for an NGO based in Korea and working in hospitality. I will soon begin masters in Sustainability and Environmental studies at Strathclyde University.


Hi, I am Gesa! In 2017, I moved to Malmö from Bremen to study International Relations with Theresa and Jaya. Throughout my studies, I gained an interest in the role images and perceptions play in the conduct of international work. Issues of sustainibility are no exception, thus I am happy to discuss them in more depth through this podcast. In my freetime I like to practice martial arts, making cocktails and hanging out with my friends.

I am currently doing a voluntary year at the World Future Council in Hamburg.


Hej, hej! Like the others, I moved to Malmö to study International Relations in 2017. During my studies, I was particulary intersted in postcolonialism, orientalism and development theories in order to understand how norms, perception, discrimination and racism is deeply imbetted in our social and political institutions. This is what I am looking forward to discuss in this podcast. In my free time, I like going on hikes or camping and having nice cooking evenings with friends.

I am still living in Malmö and currently doing my Master in Environmental Studes and Sustainability Sciences at Lund University.


For our Podcast, we received funding from the Nordic Youth in Sustainable Communities program (NUBF). The program  aims at creating stronger links between young people across the Nordic borders. All young people, youth groups and associations that have a good idea for an activity, or want to get involved in activities with other associations, can join.