Episode 0: What to Expect

In this episode we are introducing ourselves and the podcast. We are talking about how we met and who we are and why we are so interested in the Nordic Countries. We will be setting the tone for our first season of our Podcast “The Social Balcony” and what you can expect from us. Enjoy listening!

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Episode 6 – Who let the pigs out in Denmark?

In this month’s episode we talk about organic food production in Denmark. The country has the highest market share of organic food and an ambitious national organic food strategy to go along with it. At the same time, Denmark is also one of the biggest pork exporters worldwide and the companies in the business show no intention of scaling back anytime soon. In this episode, we explore how organic Denmark really is and dive into the topic of plant-based food.

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Episode 5 – Healthcare in Kry-sis?

In this episode, we discuss the history of Malmö, its connection to Denmark and its transformation into an innovative and sustainable city. We also talk about our perceptions of the city and our experiences from our time there, including the ‘controversy’ surrounding Malmo-born Zlatan Ibrahimović and our love for falafel.

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