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Demystifying the Nordic Utopia РWhy is this necessary? We are four students who met each other during our Bachelor program at Malm̦ University in Sweden. Three of us came from outside of the Nordic Countries and we quickly had to realize that the romantic picture of Sweden which we grew up with was not necessarily reality. Together with our fourth friend from Finland, we want to talk about our impressions and combine it with current research. We touch upon questions like if the Nordic Countries are really as sustainable as everyone thinks; if the Nordic Wellfare state model is a role model for the rest of the world and was Sweden really always as neutral in the international political arena?

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Episode 1 – Overshooting our Shot

The Nordic Countries are often being portrayed as global icons in their approach to environmental and sustainability issues. This episode takes a closer look into the rankings of these countries in the UN Sustainable Development Report, comparing them to their overshoot dates. How is it that the Nordic countries rank so highly in SDG reports yet have some of the earliest overshoot dates in the world?

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